Linking Around

you guys, i wore boots outside. boots!! i cannnot believe how quickly the weather changed. but on the plus side, my favorite fall products are aplenty - like pumpkin beer and pumpkin spice lattes. yum! this week started out on a tough note, but luckily there were some seriously awesome links on the web this week that made it better. check them out below!

the chipotle ad "scarecrow"

instagram is the new fashion muse

a man's take on what women want to read

why gen y is unhappy

meet snl's 6 newest cast members

vintage crime scene photos superimposed on modern nyc streets

daft punk releases new video for "lose yourself to dance"

loving these dainty necklaces and rings - and so affordable!

if cher from clueless had instagram

the science of a broken heart

how the real housewives have made america better

the unofficial goldman sachs guide to being a man

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Life via Instagram

i finally joined the world of instagram a few weeks ago, and i'm loving all of the amazing pics that are on there. i'd like to start posting photo-based posts as a fun way to show what's going on in my life. i've scattered some of earlier pics throughout the blog, so this round is limited, but will be sure that the next one has way more! you can follow me on instagram at kandidkendra. and since i'm looking for people to follow, post your instagram handle below, or send to me in an email at!

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Motivation Monday

this monday isn't like others that have passed. it's a mix of changes, both good and bad. but i think it's relevant to today's post because the only way to keep moving forward is to be stay motivated. whether you want to get in shape, find a better career, secure a raise, start a business or even move to a different city or bigger space, you always have to keep your eye on the horizon.

all of my monday motivation posts so far have been geared toward work, business and career, but i want this one to be about personal life as well. relationship-wise, i'm starting over and back on the singles scene. and work-wise, i'm still self-employed and hoping to maintain this status at least through the end of the year. i'm so thankful for all the amazing people i've met through my career and my entrepreneurial journey as they're the ones who've helped me sustain my business when i had doubts (i can't believe it's already been 18 months!).

i always say that everything happens for a reason. being solo has lit an extra fire under me to make ends meet (Z moved into my place back in fall 2011, and we recently moved into a 1 bedroom apt in May - larger space means higher rent!), which can definitely be a challenge when you're living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. to be honest, if i have to get a desk job next year to cover extra expenses, it just has to be done. that doesn't mean that my dreams of being self-employed will be over, and i also feel better knowing other entrepreneurs (like the founder of Eclectic Star) are feeling the same way.

and as far as dating and future relationships, we'll just have to wait and see. i'm open to whatever positive changes the universe wants to send my way - both personally and professionally. i'd love to know how you stay motivated when life throws you curveballs. or if you're seeking some advice, a former client has some great tips that'll help!

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Linking Around

yes, another week accomplished! and if you had to endure working during fashion week, you definitely deserve to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend. so let's get this awesome friday started with some cool links from around the web. check them out below!

we all got pranked by jimmy kimmel with the viral "twerk fail"

lisa frank is real!

how mobile has changed the dating landscape

nyc basic tips and etiquette (for both residents and visitors)

semi-homemade ramen noodles

jimmy fallon's parody of breaking bad

there's going to be a harry potter movie spin-off!

julie chen admits getting plastic surgery to look less asian

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Fall Fantasy

there's just something about fall in the air that gets me thinking romantic thoughts. some of my favorite moments include:

> arm-in-arm strolls through the park
> cafe dates over chai lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, and hot chocolate
> jumping into piles of leaves
> nights in watching favorite tv shows or new movies (thank goodness for netflix!)
> crossword puzzles in bed
> fondue (cheese or chocolate) dinners
> casual sundays watching football, eating wings and drinking beer

i'd love to know how you enjoy the fall season. leave comments below or send me an email!

image credit: layoutsparks

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Weekend in Pics

graffiti artists painting a wall in queens

happy monday kandids! we're now into the full swing of september, and there's no denying that fall is upon us. while i'm sad to see summer go, this is one of my favorite seasons, and i'm already getting excited with some fall-weather related items (like skinny jeans in boots, pumpkin-spiced lattes and spiked apple cider).

so of course i made every effort for this past weekend to be our last summer hurray! on friday, i spent time with my friend glen, who i met while working together at hearst. nothing's better than a much-needed catch up over $5 heinekens and aboslut vodka cocktails.

happy hour at opal bar

saturday i saw some of my most favorite people to celebrate our friend chris's birthday. i met chris a few years back when he moved here from england. nyc has been a great way to meet people from all over the world, and i couldn't be more thankful for that. we spent the day at moma ps1, as you can see from the pics and video below, we took full advantage of the day.

not many pics of me on my blog, but i'm the one wearing white!

on sunday, i headed to one of my favorite bars, the pony bar. they seriously have one of the most amazing sandwiches ever - it's fried oysters and bacon! it's become my go-to pub meal

and lastly, i just want to send another special message to my dad and maternal grandmother, who both celebrated their birthdays on friday. i love them both so much. have a great week everyone!

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Linking Around

it's friday. go enjoy the weekend. nuff said.

supermodel gisele b√ľndchen carries a tune for h&m

daria, sailor moon and other cartoon characters at new york fashion week

loving cameron diaz's nyc pad

beauty guru michelle phan on her growing empire

married couples should remember to date

the increasing popularity of "wags" (the wives & girlfriends of world-famous athletes)

awesome burning man festival images

how a wedding looks from the groom's pov

5 best moments from jon stewart's return

an australian politician explains why he supports gay marriage - and it's awesome

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i'm so excited about today. it's the second time i'm co-working with friends, and we'll be on the lower east side this time round. it's so refreshing to work along side other entrepreneurs who you can brainstorm with and who help keep you motivated. some of those featured in this crew include the founders of guesterly and pulse roasted chickpeas (if you haven't heard of them yet, it's only a matter of time until you do).

i'm really wanting to take advantage of my fellow co-workers today as i've been presented with a fantastic opportunity to get advice from one of my top picks for mentors (hint: she's based in chicago, got married this year and just recently became a mother). after speaking with her team, my next step is to prep a business plan that i can present for her review, which will hopefully lead to getting advice that will make me the next sara blakely (but for drinkware instead of hoisery).

i've had mentors before, but this woman in my eyes is a super big deal. i really feel like with her help, i could go beyond levels i thought was possible. so i have a question for you kandids. who's your #1 mentor you'd like to get advice from, and if you could, what would you ask them? or if you've gotten advice from a top mentor, what was the best piece of advice they gave you? please share in the comments below or email me at!

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

here's to the first official sign that summer's coming to an end. enjoy the day to its fullest!

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