Veruca Salt 2.0

in case you missed it last year, a young woman had dreams of going to college at the university of texas. unfortunately, she experienced the downside to the college application process that so many others have gone through as well ... she didn't get accepted.

sure, it's devastating to not get into your dream school, but she took it one step further and claimed that the only reason she didn't get in was because of her race. she's caucasian, and in her mind, her rightful seat had been given away to a minority to fill the school's racial quota.

it's an interesting argument, and one we should expect to hear from more and more from today's young generation - a group of people who have grown up feeling so entitled to everything that they don't have the mindset of earning what they get, but feel they deserve anything they want. these are the same people who are leaving college and expecting to skip over assistant positions with the offer of a six-figure salary. it's truly a sad situation.

it never crossed this young woman's mind that maybe, despite her best efforts and her great grades and diverse range of extracurriculars, there are thousands, nay millions, of others with the same qualifications. competition is stiff, and just because you think you've done everything right doesn't mean that society should bow to your every whim.

can you just imagine the fuss she'll put up when she's applying for jobs? what next, she'll sue that she was the best candidate and yet passed over again so that a company can fill its "insert what you please" quota? this woman is in for a really rough ride if she doesn't soon figure out that nothing is owed to her. sorry chica, not even veruca salt got her golden egg.

ultimately, her case is on a crash course for failure on the grounds that - shocker - she wasn't denied admission because of her race. for a woman who felt she was top-notch candidate, she didn't even graduate in the top 10% of her class, so where exactly her entitlement comes from is a mystery to me.

you can read more about this news story and current updates in this atlantic wire piece.

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Just Keep Swimming

ah, it's finally friday!! and the weather here in nyc is gorgeous!! so to kick off this weekend right, check out below the biggest pool in the world, located in chile. the huffington post gave a brief overview here, and you can check out even more pics here. i can just smell the sunblock, feel those sunny rays and taste that ice-cold pina colada. summer can't get here fast enough!

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Getting Lucky - In the Air!

i'm a big fan of sir richard branson. the man is a true marketing genius. he went from being a 20-year-old opening a line of record stores to starting a music label, a phone service and even launching his own airline, virgin america. his fleet of planes are known for being sexy and sleek, big elements that scream "you're about to have the time of your life on this flight."

from my virgin america flight to vegas in june 2011

well, virgin just kicked it up another notch by releasing a seat-to-seat service this week in which passengers can send each other messages and cocktails in the hopes of making a love connection. in fact, mr. branson himself even introduced the service with a video titled, "sir richard branson's guide to getting lucky."

considering the main demo of his airline seems to be a younger crowd, i can just imagine the mayhem that will happen on flights to vegas and spring break destinations. oh, it is so on people!!

any one flying virgin soon? if so, please send a crush-worthy companion a drink or two and let me know how it works out!

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Did He Really Just Say That?

i was just watching teen mom 2 and had to share this gem of a quote from keiffer delp, the on-and-off boyfriend of a cast member. He says, in his most serious voice:

"being a felon isn't illegal." hmmm, let's all just ponder that one for a moment ....

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Tone It Up!

while i was away traveling last week, nyc apparently decided to kick the weather up a notch into the 70s. everyone online bragged about the warm rays and took endless photos of themselves hanging in the parks. but alas, i returned to a city that decided to drop back down into the 40s and 50s. but the big apple isn't fooling me. i know summer is right around the corner, and that means it's time to tone it up!

last year, i came across these amazing female trainers, karena and katrina of tone it up! they're gorgeous, have amazing bodies and more importanly, make working out and eating healthy fun. i followed their plan last summer and lost 10 pounds, which i've somehow managed to keep off. but with another summer season around the corner, it's time to get myself back in gear (i was pretty lazy during the fall and winter, but there's something about the thought of getting into a bikini that suddenly makes you daydream about spinning and fantasizing about salads and smoothies).

so i finally put my gym membership back into use, and boy am i feeling it! my arms are sore, i can't even laugh without my abs telling me to cool it, i'm pretty sure my legs are going to give out on me tomorrow after this morning's spin class. but no pain, no gain right? anyone else getting themselves in shape for summer?

ps - fun update from a previous post. i found a pair of black sneakers at dsw this weekend, and am loving them!!! and they have a cool design element where i can change their appearance, just check out the pics below!

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Sneaker Pimp

ask any of my friends, and they can probably count on one hand how many times they've seen me wearing sneakers. i have a standard pair of converses, but even those barely see the light of day. then last year, Z finally got my lazy butt to the gym, so i had to buy some workout shoes. i understand that people wear them for comfort, but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish too! nothing irks me more than women who wear sneakers in the city while wearing a suit or dress for the office. ladies, please put on some flats or boots, i beg you!!

but recently, i've been eyeing up some kicks lately. while on my trip, i hit up a street fair and came across these beauties. the cobalt shade. the studs. i just love them! plus i wore them out for a day trek and they fit like a glove. i can't wait to sport them on the nyc streets soon. but now that i've satisfied part of my new sneaker lust, i want more.

one of my favorite fashion bloggers Whitt of Brit&Whitt has been wearing these pretty black wedge sneakers. these would go with anything. i love the idea of wearing white jeans, a tank and black leather jacket. ah, the perfect evening outfit that's both comfy and chic!

courtesy of britt & whit

and while we're talking about sneakers, here's a fun oldie gem from the sneaker pimps. anyone remember this?!

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Time to Quit Your Day Job!

sorry i've been mia. i was traveling the past two weeks, and working remotely. i have tons to share over the next few weeks, but first, check out some pics below of my recent adventures. i was in 2 major european cities. any guesses as to where i had been?

on that note, i can truly say that a major benefit of working for yourself is that you can travel when you want, where you want, and for however long you want. if i had wanted to take two weeks off from my job to travel, that would pretty much take up all of my vacation time for the year. being an entrepreneur, and only needing my cell phone and laptop to work, is a major blessing. and i'm not the only one praising self-employment.

a huffington post blogger recently wrote about the 10 reasons you should quit your job this year. and i really couldn't agree with him more on his reasoning. overall, his list includes the following:

1. the middle class is dead

2. you've been replaced

3. corporations don't like you

4. money is not happiness

5. count right now how many people can make a major decision that can ruin your life

6. is your job satisfying your needs?

7. your retirement plan is for shit

8. excuses

9. it's ok to take baby steps

10. abundance will never come from your job

i'd love to know if anyone plans to take the leap this year. i'm always looking for entrepreneurs to connect with!

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Pick Up the Post!

happy monday everyone! hope you all had a great weekend. i've been keeping super busy, and can't wait to give updates as to what i've been up to lately. i'll start with a quick one. Z and i appear in the ny post today, discussing how we work from home as a couple. it was really fun doing the interview and they even sent a photographer over to shoot us in our apartment.

as you can imagine, living in a 350 sq foot studio doesn't allow for many photo opps, but with the photog's skills and my years of experience setting up media shoots, we managed to pull together quite a few shootable scenarios.

we didn't know if they'd end up running a photo at all, but we got word from a friend that it's indeed in the paper (i haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet!). the pub decided to go with the photo of us tapping away on our laptops and talking on our cells with a single tray between us. (visual proof below)

you can check out the full piece here!

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Pony Up!

last weekend i decided to explore some new parts of the upper east side. i've lived in the area for almost 4 years, and couldn't believe some of the new discoveries i found. on saturday, we headed to the far east side, starbucks beverages in hand, to a park we recently heard about that ran along fdr drive.

we entered the carl shultz park in the low 90s, and found beautiful sculptures and archways. we had to head further uptown, so we exited out near the mid 90s, but i'm told the park goes down to about 84th street, so i'll be making may way over again soon to see more. this place will be a frequent visiting spot for me. compared to central park where there's so many people and so much commotion, this small park was quiet, there were plenty of free benches, and you could also get fantastic views of the east river. i can't wait for it to get warmer so i can grab a spot on the bench, with a tasty drink and a good book, and just escape into my own private secret garden (by the way, this is one of my favorite books of all time!)

after leaving the park, we stopped by a delicatessen called the vinegar factory. amazing! this place had a huge array of meats, cheeses, homemade soups, sandwiches and more. we didn't make any purchases that day, but i'll definitely let you know how the food is once we try it.

then on sunday, we came across a bar called the pony. they regularly change their beer selection, which is displayed on a digital board. plus, we found out that every beer is $6 - what a deal! i tried a raspberry cider, which i'll definitely order again on my next visit. and we loved how they used growlers to decorate the lights above the bar! all in all, it was a great weekend of exploring. can't wait to see what other gems i came across in my neighborhood.

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Did You Get Fooled?

for some reason, I always forget when april fool's day rolls around. it's probably because i'm the worst at pulling off a prank or joke. i've decided to leave that to the professionals. i did come across some good april fool's jokes today, and wanted to share!

google's nose (beta version)

image via google

cupcakes and cashmere's "how to decorate with kitty litter"

image via cupcakes and cashmere

rebecca minkoff joins the real housewives of nyc

image via

did you pull a prank on anyone? or fall for any today? let me know!

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