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happy monday everyone! hope you all had a great weekend. i've been keeping super busy, and can't wait to give updates as to what i've been up to lately. i'll start with a quick one. Z and i appear in the ny post today, discussing how we work from home as a couple. it was really fun doing the interview and they even sent a photographer over to shoot us in our apartment.

as you can imagine, living in a 350 sq foot studio doesn't allow for many photo opps, but with the photog's skills and my years of experience setting up media shoots, we managed to pull together quite a few shootable scenarios.

we didn't know if they'd end up running a photo at all, but we got word from a friend that it's indeed in the paper (i haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet!). the pub decided to go with the photo of us tapping away on our laptops and talking on our cells with a single tray between us. (visual proof below)

you can check out the full piece here!

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