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ask any of my friends, and they can probably count on one hand how many times they've seen me wearing sneakers. i have a standard pair of converses, but even those barely see the light of day. then last year, Z finally got my lazy butt to the gym, so i had to buy some workout shoes. i understand that people wear them for comfort, but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish too! nothing irks me more than women who wear sneakers in the city while wearing a suit or dress for the office. ladies, please put on some flats or boots, i beg you!!

but recently, i've been eyeing up some kicks lately. while on my trip, i hit up a street fair and came across these beauties. the cobalt shade. the studs. i just love them! plus i wore them out for a day trek and they fit like a glove. i can't wait to sport them on the nyc streets soon. but now that i've satisfied part of my new sneaker lust, i want more.

one of my favorite fashion bloggers Whitt of Brit&Whitt has been wearing these pretty black wedge sneakers. these would go with anything. i love the idea of wearing white jeans, a tank and black leather jacket. ah, the perfect evening outfit that's both comfy and chic!

courtesy of britt & whit

and while we're talking about sneakers, here's a fun oldie gem from the sneaker pimps. anyone remember this?!

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