kendralerts 8.26.16

1. there's a new suspect in the making a murderer case

2. now this is how you strike a pose for photos

3. interested to read this book, but thinking i might need to wrap the cover while out in public

4. actress helen mirren shuts down sexist interview during the 1970s, proving yet again her awesomeness

5. the first black transgender model who gained popularity in the 1970s is the new face of clairol

6. this is the largest cat living in nyc

7. the ny public library will send you an emoji-inspired image from its archives

8. if you have plans to visit australia, check out this video of margot robbie defining 50 aussie slang terms

9. watch this bartender makes his own campari from scratch

10. why making food for a man won't get you engaged

kendralerts 8.23.16

photo credit tawni bannister, new york times

1. women are wearing shower caps on the street to keep their hair from frizzing

2. this woman immortalized her love story on her wedding dress

3. how to make fried chicken - because everyone loves fried chicken!

4. ever wanna dj? now you can with this pizza box!

5. a new "bad lip reading" video parodies the democratic national convention

6. some of the best cleaning hacks you'll find on pinterest

7. the newest cat meme that'll make your day better

8. supercharge your iphone in 5 minutes

9. nine ways to make your apartment look more expensive

10. these two rival gang members teamed up to create a culinary movement in their neighborhood

kendralerts 8.17.16

photo credit: hollis johnson

1. healthy updates to your favorite childhood snacks

2. an easy-to-follow guide on edible flowers

3. the greenland shark can hit 300 years of age!

4. sports illustrated unveiled its olympics cover featuring ledecky, phelps and biles

5. take this test to find out the color of your energy

6. this washable and versatile makeup bag may change your primp routine

7. people claim that these grey wool sneakers are the most comfortable in the world

8. how long your food will last refrigerated, frozen and in your pantry

9. one of the most impressive dorm rooms you'll ever see

10. make your friends think you're out having the time of your life, even when you're just laying in bed

kendralerts 8.16.16

the stubby squid

1. can't wait to see this movie about African-American female mathematicians behind NASA's space race

2. interesting piece about how men claim fraud when they lose to women

3. comedy central just canceled this late night political talk show - 12 weeks before the election

4. add this one surprising ingredient to make the best scrambled eggs ever

5. watch this hilarious video of michael phelps swimming and winning gold, set to the super mario bros. soundtrack

6. adult summer camp is a real thing - and it's awesome

7. people are very excited about this newest burger king menu item

8. fashion blogger of has finally released her first music video "out"

9. this googly-eyed sea creature is so cute it doesn't even look real

10. what to do when someone wants to pick your brain over coffee

kendralerts 8.15.16

photo credit: getty

1. these mini polenta pizzas would make for the perfect brunch addition

2. what olympic gold gymnast simone biles eats before and after competing

3. this household item will make your nails brighter

4. these chefs are using surplus food from the olympics to feed rio's impoverished

5. new york just signed a bill that will guarantee moms a private space to breastfeed or pump in public places

6. 15 ways to get rid of negative energy from your home

7. dishes all adults should know how to make

8. how the media would write about men the way they write about female athletes at the olympics

9. no make-up celeb selfies that will make you appreciate your freckles, dimples and more

10. this 100-year-old grandma gives her 5 tips on how to live your best life

kendralerts 8.13.16

photo credit: james ronson via food52

1. marvel released the official trailer for its next netflix series "luke cage" - looks like they another hit on their hands!

2. this dress is the most pinned dress on pinterest

3. oreo just unveiled a new and unexpected flavor

4. proof that the camera really does add 10 pounds to your photo

5. this sweet potato pizza crust that you can make at home is a game changer

6. this innovative baby kickstarter project was created to minimize risks associated with sids

7. research says that single people live rich, meaningful lives

8. it took 10 years for this r-rated cg animated movie about a lesbian taco, a Jewish bagel, and an evil literal douche to come to life

9. dreaming about making this delectable grilled cheese this weekend

10. even dogs love a hair makeover - look at these adorable before and afters

kendralerts 8.10.16

1. a bride was walked down the aisle by a man who received her father's organ donations - be sure to grab some tissues

2. marvel released the official trailer for its next netflix series "luke cage"- looks like they have another hit on their hands!

3. this dress is the most pinned dress on pinterest

4. michael phelp's mean mugging face expresses exactly how we feel when it's not the weekend

5. proof that the camera really does add 10 pounds to your photo

6. this sweet potato pizza crust that you can make at home is a game changer

7. how time flies! this popular boy band from the 2000s just reunited to celebrate one its member's 40th birthday

8. the american bar association just ruled that it's forbidden to say sexists remarks like "honey" and "darling" while in court - bye bye sexual harassment

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