kendralerts 9.12.16

photo credit: sweet martha's

1. glitter cat is my new spirit animal

2. a video of elizabeth taylor doing her make-up is fascinating

3. will smith, helen mirren and keira knightley are starring in a movie together. can't wait to watch this one!

4. vegan chef chloe coscarelli of the popular fast-casual chain by chloe share what she eats in a week

5. this woman makes $3 million in 12 days selling chocolate chip cookies at a fair

6. this popular fan theory about the movie "grease" now has me questioning everything

7. never knew that bagpipes could sound so good with a jazz band

8. actress sarah michelle gellar talks about starting her food business foodstirs

9. there's a 10-ton ice cube melting in seattle's occidental park

10. why it's expensive to be poor

kendralerts 9.19.16

1. can't wait to try this yummy vegan mac & cheese recipe

2. did you know you can regrow lettuce - just put the base in a jar of water!

3. hoping this little hamster with arm cast gets better soon

4. the trailer for 50 shades darker premiered online, and scored more views in 24 hours than the trailer for star wars: the force awakens!

5. kylie jenner's love bite lip stain is living up to its name

6. this young teen created an app called "sit with us" so that kids can find lunch buddies at school

7. bill murray bartended at his son's brooklyn bar in greenpoint this weekend

8. a great cosmo interview that stumped ivanka trump on her father's maternity leave policy

9. 18 meals you can make when you don't have many options in your pantry

10. amy schumer had a different and unique response when being asked about her outfit on the emmy red carpet

kendralerts 9.7.16

credit: instagram/ maddie ziegler

1. sia released her latest video as an homage to the orlando victims

2. olympic gymnast laurie hernandez shows off her amazing pitching skills

3. california has the country's first punk rock cafe called rad coffee

4. cosmo's editor-in-chief (and jack-of-all-trades) joanna coles takes on larger role at hearst

5. a crazy cat video from the 70s you have to see to believe

6. how the "drybar bill" could change your salon drinking experience h

7. j.k. rowling reveals the metaphor behind lupin's werewolf condition

8. an 18 million year old rock formation in oregon was destroyed by vandals and it was caught on camera /

9. the world's longest glass bridge in china closed down after just 16 days because of too many tourists

10. everyone's buzzing about apple's event on wednesday to announce the iphone 7's features

kendralerts 8.26.16

1. there's a new suspect in the making a murderer case

2. now this is how you strike a pose for photos

3. interested to read this book, but thinking i might need to wrap the cover while out in public

4. actress helen mirren shuts down sexist interview during the 1970s, proving yet again her awesomeness

5. the first black transgender model who gained popularity in the 1970s is the new face of clairol

6. this is the largest cat living in nyc

7. the ny public library will send you an emoji-inspired image from its archives

8. if you have plans to visit australia, check out this video of margot robbie defining 50 aussie slang terms

9. watch this bartender makes his own campari from scratch

10. why making food for a man won't get you engaged

kendralerts 8.23.16

photo credit tawni bannister, new york times

1. women are wearing shower caps on the street to keep their hair from frizzing

2. this woman immortalized her love story on her wedding dress

3. how to make fried chicken - because everyone loves fried chicken!

4. ever wanna dj? now you can with this pizza box!

5. a new "bad lip reading" video parodies the democratic national convention

6. some of the best cleaning hacks you'll find on pinterest

7. the newest cat meme that'll make your day better

8. supercharge your iphone in 5 minutes

9. nine ways to make your apartment look more expensive

10. these two rival gang members teamed up to create a culinary movement in their neighborhood

kendralerts 8.17.16

photo credit: hollis johnson

1. healthy updates to your favorite childhood snacks

2. an easy-to-follow guide on edible flowers

3. the greenland shark can hit 300 years of age!

4. sports illustrated unveiled its olympics cover featuring ledecky, phelps and biles

5. take this test to find out the color of your energy

6. this washable and versatile makeup bag may change your primp routine

7. people claim that these grey wool sneakers are the most comfortable in the world

8. how long your food will last refrigerated, frozen and in your pantry

9. one of the most impressive dorm rooms you'll ever see

10. make your friends think you're out having the time of your life, even when you're just laying in bed

kendralerts 8.16.16

the stubby squid

1. can't wait to see this movie about African-American female mathematicians behind NASA's space race

2. interesting piece about how men claim fraud when they lose to women

3. comedy central just canceled this late night political talk show - 12 weeks before the election

4. add this one surprising ingredient to make the best scrambled eggs ever

5. watch this hilarious video of michael phelps swimming and winning gold, set to the super mario bros. soundtrack

6. adult summer camp is a real thing - and it's awesome

7. people are very excited about this newest burger king menu item

8. fashion blogger of has finally released her first music video "out"

9. this googly-eyed sea creature is so cute it doesn't even look real

10. what to do when someone wants to pick your brain over coffee

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