Bentleys, Jags & Beemers, Oh My!

it's that time of year ... the international auto show is at javits center in nyc. this was my first time visiting, and there were auto fanatics galore. my last car was a 2004 mazda 3. i loved this car. i felt like speed racer whenever i hit the road. but these cars were meant for some serious driving. don't believe it, check out some of these beauties below!

walking into the venue

checking out some of the rides!

even john varvatos styled a special edition of Chrysler ... only 2,000 available!

some more fancy wheels

cool set of toy cars in an enclosed glass case

this suv was taken apart on one side to show off the interior components

if you hit up the show, let me know some of your favorites!

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happy birthday to me!

i celebrated my birthday on wednesday at one of my favorite city bars, 10 degrees. not only do they make amazing cocktails, but they serve a 2-for-1 happy hour every day from 12pm until 8pm. every. single. day.

a small group of friends joined me and we had the best time catching up. plus i found a new favorite drink: the coconut mojito. yum, yum, yum!

plus my family sent birthday cards during the week, and Z got me two dozen beautiful red roses. all in all, it was a great birthday, indeed. here's to hoping i'll be one more year wiser and happier.

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Equality for All

united we stand, divided we fall

for the latest on the marriage equality debate, tune in here

image credit the moderate voice
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Burger Time!

besides mac and cheese, burgers are probably my next favorite food. so many varieties, i just can't get enough! this weekend, we decided to check out a local joint called the burger bistro. once we sat down, we were presented with laminated menus on which we could mark our choose of burger when it came to meat, bun, toppings, cheese, sides and more.

i went with a beef pattie topped with american cheese, crumbled bacon and a fried egg. Z added fried onions to his order, so several of those ended up on my burger as well, naturally. our burgers arrived quickly and were so good! i will definitely be back very soon. not to mention, they have amazing $10 lunch specials ... um, yes please!
also, they have gorgeous decor on the walls. beautiful pictures bordered by window frames. Z and i have plans to one day own a country home, and it'd be great to have this type of art lining our walls. loving the rustic vibe!

UPDATE: i returned to burger bistro for their lunch special and wasn't let down. this time, i also got tator tots!

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My Cookie Addiction

when it comes to snacks, i'm more likely to choose salty over sweet. but sometimes, i do want to crave my sweet tooth, and i love getting to do so with my favorite cookies ... girl scout cookies! i was a girl scout as a kid and remember selling them door-to-door. nowadays, in order to get your hands on these boxes, you hope that either a co-worker will bring an order sheet to the office, or you'll come across a group of girl scouts selling them on the street.

today, while walking around on the upper east side, Z and i came across a young girl scout with her dad sitting on a quiet residential street. jackpot! i quickly snatched up simosas, trefoils and some lemon wedges (never had these before so excited to try them out). this was the perfect sunday treat to my week!

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The Long Kiss Goodnight

there are many aspects to my personality, but one thing you should know is that i'm an entertainment buff. i especially love television and movies and am pretty much regarded by my friends as a walking encyclopedia on pop culture. so don't be too surprised if you find many movie/tv references throughout my blog. if anything, maybe you'll find out something fun to watch to add to your must-see viewing list.

strong females are one of my favorite characters to watch, and in the past few days, one of the movie channels has been replaying the long kiss goodnight. if you've never seen this flick, you don't know what you're missing. the general premise? geena davis plays a school teacher who's had amnesia for the past 8 years of her life. she's married with a daughter, and in an attempt to find out who she was, she hires a private investigator, played by the awesomely talented samuel l. jackson. one day a man tries to kill her (unsuccessfully) and she eventually finds out that she's a highly trained government assassin.

this movie has some of the best quotes, action sequences and duo chemistry that's ever graced a silver screen. and let's just say, once you see geena in action, you'd think twice about crossing her in a back alley. some of her most kick-ass scenes involving breaking a man's nose with a pie pan, falling out a 3rd story window while shooting out the ice in a frozen lake below, ice skating across a pond and taking out a car of 3 hit men, and finally shooting a guy out of a helicopter while hanging by one arm from stringed christmas lights. yes, it's really that good!

oh, and i recently heard that a sequel is in the works with mr. jackson. fingers crossed for a release date soon!

image credit tumbler

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Artichoke Anyone?

new york city is known for many things .... fashion, architecture, broadway shows, and of course, pizza! now, if you live in the city, or have ever been to visit, i'm sure you've heard many people rave about nyc style pizza: wide, flat, cheesy slices. i'll take a piece pretty much any day of the week, but in my opinion, the secret pizza gem of the city is actually found at a chain called artichoke basille's pizza. if you ask anyone about this eatery, they'll probably recommend an artichoke slice, which can be found at any of their locations. but the real dish you should dig into is the vodka sicilian!

found only at their chelsea location, this pie is what pizza dreams are made of (and strangely enough, i can't even locate it on their web site, so ordering this pizza makes me feel like i'm in-the-know about a secret menu). my boyfriend Z and i traveled over there last night and thoroughly indulged. made with their signature cream sauce and twice baked, the slices are not only delicious on-site, but you can freeze and reheat and they'll taste like they just came out of the oven.

would love to know your favorite pizzerias. send them my way! and let me know if they have any fun decor items. artichoke's bar has a leg lamp! (made popular by one of my fave holiday movies a christmas story).

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Haven't Even Begun

i'm beyond stoked to have started this blog, and more than anything, i really wanted to have a tag line that i felt encompassed my perspective on life. it's actually taken from a quote from one of my all-time favorite tv shows, buffy, the vampire slayer. the full quote goes as follows:

"you think you know. what you are, what's to come ... you haven't even begun."

i remember hearing this quote years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. i think anyone and everyone can relate to this phrase. it's impossible to really know who we are or what's in store for our future. even if you discover your dream job, you never know how far it might take you. in fact, dream job #1 could always lead you to dream job #2. take rachel zoe for example. she loves fashion and made a career of being a celebrity stylist from her passion. but she didn't stop there. she's gone on to build a career as a clothing designer. you see what i'm saying?

image credit: rachel zoe

don't pigeon hole yourself, or think just because you scored that sweet office job that your journey has ended. i always knew i wanted to live in nyc, and at the age of 23, i moved to the city with dreams of working in publishing. i had no idea that i would achieve my goal and more. during the course of my 7.5 years here, i've held great positions at hearst magazines, bauer publishing, harpercollins publishers and some major pr agencies (my last "desk job" consisted of working events for victoria's secret and heidi klum's halloween party).

sure, i could have continued on my path of job-hopping, but i also had dreams of being self-employed. in february 2012, i did just that, and am now working to launch another business. so keep coming back to see what else is in the works, because as much as i've done so far, in many ways, i haven't even begun.

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as noted in my first post, i'm on a serial entrepreneur journey. a bonus to living in nyc is that i regularly meet other entrepreneurs making their way as well. my one friend has a roasted chickpea business, and has successfully sold her line of products on last week she was invited to attend a networking event at their office, and she brought me along as her +1. let's just say that has found a new fan in me. i enjoyed a nice glass of wine and met some really awesome people, like one guy who brews cold coffee in brooklyn. but the major bonus was that i got a chance to speak with the tabletop team. i discussed the concept of my glasses and showed them early pics of my samples. overall, feedback was very positive! i'm very much looking forward to staying in touch and working with them once my collection launches this year. oh, and i forgot to mention how cool the office is. i've included some images below. who wouldn't be excited to come to work everyday with decor like this?

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Welcome to Kandid Kendra!

I've really been enjoying the world of blogs lately. The fact that so many people are willing to invite others into their daily lives is courageous and most of all intriguing. Not to mention, I love the fact that blogs act as a time capsule, forever capturing memories online. I've gone back and forth about whether to start a blog, but the more bloggers I come across, the more I'm realizing that I want to join the conversation! I live in Manhattan (and have been in this amazing city for almost 8 years now!) and have my own PR agency that I started last year. You'd think that having one business would be enough to keep me busy, but I'm a serial entrepreneur at heart, and am also building a drinkware brand with plans to launch this summer. With this blog, I want to share my experiences living in the city and the trials and tribulations I encounter during my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you'll join me as I have a feeling that 2013 has a lot of great things in store. Below are just a few fun photos about who I am (food, events, drinks - just having a good time!). So welcome to my world!

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