Haven't Even Begun

i'm beyond stoked to have started this blog, and more than anything, i really wanted to have a tag line that i felt encompassed my perspective on life. it's actually taken from a quote from one of my all-time favorite tv shows, buffy, the vampire slayer. the full quote goes as follows:

"you think you know. what you are, what's to come ... you haven't even begun."

i remember hearing this quote years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. i think anyone and everyone can relate to this phrase. it's impossible to really know who we are or what's in store for our future. even if you discover your dream job, you never know how far it might take you. in fact, dream job #1 could always lead you to dream job #2. take rachel zoe for example. she loves fashion and made a career of being a celebrity stylist from her passion. but she didn't stop there. she's gone on to build a career as a clothing designer. you see what i'm saying?

image credit: rachel zoe

don't pigeon hole yourself, or think just because you scored that sweet office job that your journey has ended. i always knew i wanted to live in nyc, and at the age of 23, i moved to the city with dreams of working in publishing. i had no idea that i would achieve my goal and more. during the course of my 7.5 years here, i've held great positions at hearst magazines, bauer publishing, harpercollins publishers and some major pr agencies (my last "desk job" consisted of working events for victoria's secret and heidi klum's halloween party).

sure, i could have continued on my path of job-hopping, but i also had dreams of being self-employed. in february 2012, i did just that, and am now working to launch another business. so keep coming back to see what else is in the works, because as much as i've done so far, in many ways, i haven't even begun.

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