Fab.com is Indeed Fab

as noted in my first post, i'm on a serial entrepreneur journey. a bonus to living in nyc is that i regularly meet other entrepreneurs making their way as well. my one friend has a roasted chickpea business, and has successfully sold her line of products on fab.com. last week she was invited to attend a networking event at their office, and she brought me along as her +1. let's just say that fab.com has found a new fan in me. i enjoyed a nice glass of wine and met some really awesome people, like one guy who brews cold coffee in brooklyn. but the major bonus was that i got a chance to speak with the tabletop team. i discussed the concept of my glasses and showed them early pics of my samples. overall, feedback was very positive! i'm very much looking forward to staying in touch and working with them once my collection launches this year. oh, and i forgot to mention how cool the fab.com office is. i've included some images below. who wouldn't be excited to come to work everyday with decor like this?

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