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I've really been enjoying the world of blogs lately. The fact that so many people are willing to invite others into their daily lives is courageous and most of all intriguing. Not to mention, I love the fact that blogs act as a time capsule, forever capturing memories online. I've gone back and forth about whether to start a blog, but the more bloggers I come across, the more I'm realizing that I want to join the conversation! I live in Manhattan (and have been in this amazing city for almost 8 years now!) and have my own PR agency that I started last year. You'd think that having one business would be enough to keep me busy, but I'm a serial entrepreneur at heart, and am also building a drinkware brand with plans to launch this summer. With this blog, I want to share my experiences living in the city and the trials and tribulations I encounter during my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you'll join me as I have a feeling that 2013 has a lot of great things in store. Below are just a few fun photos about who I am (food, events, drinks - just having a good time!). So welcome to my world!

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