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bert and ernie finally get their day. buh-bye DOMA!

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Summer in the Park

woo hoo, another glorious weekend is upon us. the weeks are flying by so quickly! can you believe it's the 4th of july next week? ahhh!! not to mention, my mom's 50th birthday is on july 9th. i haven't figured out what to get her yet, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way at!

as for this weekend, Z and i are planning to make our way to brooklyn to check out a popular burger joint. plus we just joined an outdoorsy club, so the plan is to meet up with them and trek around the southern borough. i better make sure i have some comfy walking shoes.

my steve madden sandals came in handy last weekend when we met up with some friends in central park for field day (basically, we get together to enjoy some food, drinks and games!). Z and i brought jello-shots (mudslides and bay breezes) which were quite a hit!

what do you have planned for the weekend? whether you plan to sleep in or travel, enjoy!

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States of Pride

image courtesy of maps on the web

check out this awesome map of the u.s. that shows where some of today's most popular brands started. i personally grew up in pennsylvania, right near hershey park. interestingly enough, when a popular hunting store chain named cabela's opened up in the state a few years back, it became the largest tourist attraction around. there's a reason people call pennsylvania, "pennsyltucky."

i'd love to see a more modern version of this map, broken down by brands that have been launched by young entrepreneurs in the last 10-15 years. who knows, maybe i'll make the map myself in the near future - highlighting my soon-to-be-everywhere glassware, of course!

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A Lego Wedding Dress

have you ever heard of designer duo daisy balloon? i hadn't until this morning, but loving their whimsy aesthetic. one part of the duo is a balloon artist (how do these people get these awesome jobs?!).

for the world heritage exhibit built with lego brick, they contributed two wedding dresses made of legos. seriously. oh, and they built a lego vase. check out the pics below!

images courtesy of daisy balloon

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It's Summer!

image courtesy of the stamp bug

the first official day of summer is finally here, and the weather is an amazing 80 degrees in nyc! a few things i'm excited to do over the next few weeks include:
  • picnics and field games in central park
  • 4th of july fireworks
  • rides and nathan's hotdogs at coney island
  • beer gardens and rooftop bars
  • cooling down in a pool
  • sailing! 
  • eating tons of seafood by the shore (especially blue crabs, yum!)
  • and for those days when we can't figure out what to do, maybe starting a "summer idea" jar where once a week we pull out an idea from the jar and voila, something new to do!
what are your plans for the summer? definitely take advantage, as this season will fly by quickly!

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Miley Cyrus Rocks a Teddy Backpack Like No Other

so, miley cyrus released a video her new single "we can't stop." and indeedy, she can't stop strutting in those high heels, twerking with her ass in the air, and overall letting everyone know once and for all that she's no hannah montana. in fact, i think miley would probably mug poor hannah on a street corner in broad daylight. anyways, check out the video below!

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Russell Brand vs Morning Joe

in case you missed it, russell brand was promoting his upcoming tour on msnbc's morning joe. the anchors thought it would be hilarious to make fun of his accent, call him by fake names and pretty much make him the joke of the segment. alas, they must not have done their homework, because they were going up against a professional comedian. russell brand took it upon himself to take over the interview, and threw in a few jabs for good measure. here's looking at you mika "shaft grasper" brzezinski!

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Project: Bulletin Board

ugh, there is nothing worse than looking at a drab, plain, boring bulletin board. especially when it hangs over your desk, right within eye sight. luckily, there's a quick, easy - and most importantly - cheap trick to give it a makeover! Z and i are putting the finishing touches to our home work space, and when facing this bulletin board dilemma, we decided to buy some chic-looking wrapping paper (not only was it $3 at target, but we can still use it to wrap gifts, bonus!) to spruce it up.

i decided to precisely measure and cut the sheet to fit the board. for the edges that went over the frame, i just folded them under and then used some basic black and white push pins to lock the sheet in place.and check it out, we have a fantastic looking bulletin board that we can use to hold notes, images and inspiring articles.

there are other ways to change the look of your bulletin board too. try using fabric, or stringing thick pieces of ribbon in an "x" formation. you can use the ribbon strands to hold photos and notes too. has anyone ever updated the look of their board? i'd love to see pics, or share some tips on how you switched up its look!

oh, and don't forget to hit the bloglovin button below to stay updated on when my newest posts are live!

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Motivation Monday

another monday has arrived, and as stated last week, i'm making a huge effort to view the start of a new week with a more positive attitude. i recently filed my provisional patent for my glassware, giving me a one year deadline to really test my product's viability. it was just the kick in the butt i needed to really step up my game on getting my product made.

of course when launching a product, there are financial factors to consider, such as, where am i going to get the money to fund this thing?! i've been giving some serious thought to a kickstarter campaign. last year, I went to a panel event featuring kickstarter employees and successful project participants.

but before really moving forwarded, i decided to do a little more research and am reading "the kickstarter handbook" by don steinberg. i'm pretty familiar with kickstarter campaigns, especially as i've backed a few, but i know here are some serious pitfalls to avoid, especially in terms of my funding goal and rewards. i'm currently working on determine my start-up costs and once i've gotten some idea on what's involved, i fully plan to love forward with my own campaign, so i'll keep you all posted as i move forward!

i'd love to hear from those who have launched a campaign, and any advice you might have to offer. and how many of you have backed campaigns and which ones? let me know!

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Happy Father's Day!

it's father's day, and i'm off to spend the day with my dad! just want to wish a happy holiday to everyone spending today with the special men in their lives!

by the way, i just love this photo of my dad. i'm not sure how old he is, but definitely rocking the 70s style.

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Friend(ly) Fridays! - Amanda Tice

woo hoo, it's friday. time to get the weekend party started! and there's no better way to do that then by hanging with your besties, so from time to time, i'd like to dedicate a friday post to some of the coolest people i know - and that you should get to know, too!

for my first "friend(ly) friday" post, i'd like to write about my girl amanda tice. i love that she gets to be a world traveler thanks to her gig as a wilhelmina model. maybe you've seen her around before, you know, like in your recent copy of redbook, or on a hanes bra tag, or hey, there she is in the latest frederick of hollywood catalog!

you can check out more of amanda's awesome portfolio on her facebook page, and below are a few of her awesome modeling shots. congrats on all of your amazing success, amanda. can't wait to see what else is in store for you!

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HBO's GIRLS, 30-some Seasons Later

it's thursday, which means just one more day (unless you have summer friday - lucky) until the weekend! so here's a fun video to will make you laugh and ease you through the rest of the week. enjoy!

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Hitting all the White Notes

there's just something about warmer weather that makes me yearn to where white. white jeans. white shirts. white sandals. even a crips white handbag will pull a look together. this past weekend, i snagged a pair of enzo angiolini sandals from macys. i just love how the silver plays off the white tones, and the rope elements are such a fun twist. definitely summer-worthy. i wanted to share a few of my white fashion pics from around the web. if you've been sporting white lately, send me some of your pics. i'm always open to fun styling suggestions!

enzo angiolini

victoria's secret

from my own collection, bought at aldo

mms handbag, bought at tj maxx

chanel, image courtesy of polychromatic fashion

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Motivation Monday

i am not a fan of mondays. like most people, i find myself enduring the sunday blues, and wanting the weekend to last forever. some people may wonder why i would dread monday. after all, i work for myself. i set my own hours. but i still have clients. and they work typical work hours, so while i may work for myself, most of the time, i am actually still working for others.

but ultimately, i've come to realize that i need to change my frame of mind about mondays. my goal is start every week thinking that i can garner amazing accomplishments and be more productive than the week before. i finally feel like i'm getting back into my work groove, and i'm very excited to see what's store this summer.

so i'm going to share motivational quotes, like the one above, every week that i find helpful, and will hopefully make mondays a little easier for you too! do many of you suffer from the "sunday blues"? any one who's actually a fan of mondays? would love to hear how you psych yourself up for the week!

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Drinking Like There's No Tomorrow

in new york city, when hanging with your friends, most options lead back to two roads: eat or drink (and in many cases, our outings include both). it does seem like a challenge to go out with friends and not enjoy a cocktail or two. but what happens when the drinks aren't only enjoyed while out with others. do you find yourself craving a glass while at home? do you soon realize that you'll pop open a beer or wine bottle and catch up on your dvr as a means of relaxation? i know i do. and for the most part, i never felt guilty for it. but then i did start realizing that i was having at least one drink almost every day. and by drinking every day, i'm talking about a glass or two, not drinking to the point that i black out and find myself working the next morning with a hangover.

nowadays, it's quite common for women to drink just as much and as often as men. but is this becoming a problem? there's a story on about why women are drinking more. i think if you're getting drunk every day to the point where you're damaging your body, passing out and even possibly putting yourself in dangerous situations, then yes, that's a problem. but i also have to wonder if having a glass everyday is a problem too. it's something i've become more aware of in the past few months, and i even find myself saying, "no, i don't need a glass of wine tonight. i'll just have water instead." i guess the question is, should i have to pat myself on the back for not having a drink?

to be honest, i didn't have my first full drink until i was in college, and even then, i didn't get drunk until after my 21st birthday (it was during my college newspaper bar crawl!). i think of the times when i was able to have fun and relax without a drink, and i know it's possible, so why does it seem that every day i'm thinking about going to a bar or making a cocktail at home?

i'm always down for a good happy hour, and certainly have an interest in enjoying the spirits. after all, even my side current business venture is cocktail-oriented. i'd love to know how others feel about drinking. do you find yourself doing it everyday? thinking about it everyday? is our society become more judgmental about it than previous generations? let's not forget that it was common for office employees to have drinking lunches or for families to turn on tv and watch shows like dick van dyke, where a bar cart was strategically placed in the living room set.

i do have concerns about drinking since alcoholism has affected some of my relatives. i like to think i have more self-control, but sometimes when i pass a liquor store and i'm tempted to go inside for a bottle, i'm not always proud that i have to convince myself to walk away.

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Furious Love

photo credit: bbc

remember when everyone was all in a tizzy last year to see lindsay lohan play elizabeth taylor in the made-for-tv lifetime movie "liz and dick"? well, get ready for round two! this time around, the quirky actress helena bonham carter is tossing her hat into the ring, and as you can see in the promo pic, she's practically unrecognizable. i was excited to see lindsay's performance because i knew it would be a trainwreck, but i really like helena, and can't wait to see what she brings to the role on bbc this fall. for anyone wanting to know more about the tumultuous relationship between liz and her twice-husband richard burton, i strongly suggest you read "furious love". it's a fantastic read, and will really give you a sense as to we're still fascinated by this couple's dynamics decades later.

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Eurotrip Part 1

time really flies. at this time two months ago, i was wrapping up a 2 week trip in amsterdam and paris. i've been wanting to share my pics for weeks, but moving into the new apartment and taking on some new business (no complaints) sidetracked me, but now now i can share some highlights of my eurotrip with Z!

taking in the sites in amsterdam and riding the tram

we really lucked out with our trip as Z's brother lives in amsterdam and my uncle lives right outside paris. in terms of housing, what more could you ask for?!

saw a handful of electric cars, had some amazing hot chocolate and shopped at amsterdam's popular nieuwmarkt famer's market

of course we toured the heinekin brewery, took some pics at the popular "i amsterdam" sign and enjoyed a few cocktails after the bols tour

then it was off to paris for a few days! i've been dying to go to this fabulous city since i was a young girl, so this was a definite check off my bucket list. here a few quick pics, and i'll post part deux from our parisian adventure soon!

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