Drinking Like There's No Tomorrow

in new york city, when hanging with your friends, most options lead back to two roads: eat or drink (and in many cases, our outings include both). it does seem like a challenge to go out with friends and not enjoy a cocktail or two. but what happens when the drinks aren't only enjoyed while out with others. do you find yourself craving a glass while at home? do you soon realize that you'll pop open a beer or wine bottle and catch up on your dvr as a means of relaxation? i know i do. and for the most part, i never felt guilty for it. but then i did start realizing that i was having at least one drink almost every day. and by drinking every day, i'm talking about a glass or two, not drinking to the point that i black out and find myself working the next morning with a hangover.

nowadays, it's quite common for women to drink just as much and as often as men. but is this becoming a problem? there's a story on cnn.com about why women are drinking more. i think if you're getting drunk every day to the point where you're damaging your body, passing out and even possibly putting yourself in dangerous situations, then yes, that's a problem. but i also have to wonder if having a glass everyday is a problem too. it's something i've become more aware of in the past few months, and i even find myself saying, "no, i don't need a glass of wine tonight. i'll just have water instead." i guess the question is, should i have to pat myself on the back for not having a drink?

to be honest, i didn't have my first full drink until i was in college, and even then, i didn't get drunk until after my 21st birthday (it was during my college newspaper bar crawl!). i think of the times when i was able to have fun and relax without a drink, and i know it's possible, so why does it seem that every day i'm thinking about going to a bar or making a cocktail at home?

i'm always down for a good happy hour, and certainly have an interest in enjoying the spirits. after all, even my side current business venture is cocktail-oriented. i'd love to know how others feel about drinking. do you find yourself doing it everyday? thinking about it everyday? is our society become more judgmental about it than previous generations? let's not forget that it was common for office employees to have drinking lunches or for families to turn on tv and watch shows like dick van dyke, where a bar cart was strategically placed in the living room set.

i do have concerns about drinking since alcoholism has affected some of my relatives. i like to think i have more self-control, but sometimes when i pass a liquor store and i'm tempted to go inside for a bottle, i'm not always proud that i have to convince myself to walk away.

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