Project: Bulletin Board

ugh, there is nothing worse than looking at a drab, plain, boring bulletin board. especially when it hangs over your desk, right within eye sight. luckily, there's a quick, easy - and most importantly - cheap trick to give it a makeover! Z and i are putting the finishing touches to our home work space, and when facing this bulletin board dilemma, we decided to buy some chic-looking wrapping paper (not only was it $3 at target, but we can still use it to wrap gifts, bonus!) to spruce it up.

i decided to precisely measure and cut the sheet to fit the board. for the edges that went over the frame, i just folded them under and then used some basic black and white push pins to lock the sheet in place.and check it out, we have a fantastic looking bulletin board that we can use to hold notes, images and inspiring articles.

there are other ways to change the look of your bulletin board too. try using fabric, or stringing thick pieces of ribbon in an "x" formation. you can use the ribbon strands to hold photos and notes too. has anyone ever updated the look of their board? i'd love to see pics, or share some tips on how you switched up its look!

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