Motivation Monday

i am not a fan of mondays. like most people, i find myself enduring the sunday blues, and wanting the weekend to last forever. some people may wonder why i would dread monday. after all, i work for myself. i set my own hours. but i still have clients. and they work typical work hours, so while i may work for myself, most of the time, i am actually still working for others.

but ultimately, i've come to realize that i need to change my frame of mind about mondays. my goal is start every week thinking that i can garner amazing accomplishments and be more productive than the week before. i finally feel like i'm getting back into my work groove, and i'm very excited to see what's store this summer.

so i'm going to share motivational quotes, like the one above, every week that i find helpful, and will hopefully make mondays a little easier for you too! do many of you suffer from the "sunday blues"? any one who's actually a fan of mondays? would love to hear how you psych yourself up for the week!

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