It's Summer!

image courtesy of the stamp bug

the first official day of summer is finally here, and the weather is an amazing 80 degrees in nyc! a few things i'm excited to do over the next few weeks include:
  • picnics and field games in central park
  • 4th of july fireworks
  • rides and nathan's hotdogs at coney island
  • beer gardens and rooftop bars
  • cooling down in a pool
  • sailing! 
  • eating tons of seafood by the shore (especially blue crabs, yum!)
  • and for those days when we can't figure out what to do, maybe starting a "summer idea" jar where once a week we pull out an idea from the jar and voila, something new to do!
what are your plans for the summer? definitely take advantage, as this season will fly by quickly!

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