Summer in the Park

woo hoo, another glorious weekend is upon us. the weeks are flying by so quickly! can you believe it's the 4th of july next week? ahhh!! not to mention, my mom's 50th birthday is on july 9th. i haven't figured out what to get her yet, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way at!

as for this weekend, Z and i are planning to make our way to brooklyn to check out a popular burger joint. plus we just joined an outdoorsy club, so the plan is to meet up with them and trek around the southern borough. i better make sure i have some comfy walking shoes.

my steve madden sandals came in handy last weekend when we met up with some friends in central park for field day (basically, we get together to enjoy some food, drinks and games!). Z and i brought jello-shots (mudslides and bay breezes) which were quite a hit!

what do you have planned for the weekend? whether you plan to sleep in or travel, enjoy!

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  1. I've sparkles ready for 4th of July! Got you from Twitter hah!
    Psst, a new stalker via bloglovin!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, much appreciated!


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