Eurotrip Part 1

time really flies. at this time two months ago, i was wrapping up a 2 week trip in amsterdam and paris. i've been wanting to share my pics for weeks, but moving into the new apartment and taking on some new business (no complaints) sidetracked me, but now now i can share some highlights of my eurotrip with Z!

taking in the sites in amsterdam and riding the tram

we really lucked out with our trip as Z's brother lives in amsterdam and my uncle lives right outside paris. in terms of housing, what more could you ask for?!

saw a handful of electric cars, had some amazing hot chocolate and shopped at amsterdam's popular nieuwmarkt famer's market

of course we toured the heinekin brewery, took some pics at the popular "i amsterdam" sign and enjoyed a few cocktails after the bols tour

then it was off to paris for a few days! i've been dying to go to this fabulous city since i was a young girl, so this was a definite check off my bucket list. here a few quick pics, and i'll post part deux from our parisian adventure soon!

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