Motivation Monday

another monday has arrived, and as stated last week, i'm making a huge effort to view the start of a new week with a more positive attitude. i recently filed my provisional patent for my glassware, giving me a one year deadline to really test my product's viability. it was just the kick in the butt i needed to really step up my game on getting my product made.

of course when launching a product, there are financial factors to consider, such as, where am i going to get the money to fund this thing?! i've been giving some serious thought to a kickstarter campaign. last year, I went to a panel event featuring kickstarter employees and successful project participants.

but before really moving forwarded, i decided to do a little more research and am reading "the kickstarter handbook" by don steinberg. i'm pretty familiar with kickstarter campaigns, especially as i've backed a few, but i know here are some serious pitfalls to avoid, especially in terms of my funding goal and rewards. i'm currently working on determine my start-up costs and once i've gotten some idea on what's involved, i fully plan to love forward with my own campaign, so i'll keep you all posted as i move forward!

i'd love to hear from those who have launched a campaign, and any advice you might have to offer. and how many of you have backed campaigns and which ones? let me know!

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