The Long Kiss Goodnight

there are many aspects to my personality, but one thing you should know is that i'm an entertainment buff. i especially love television and movies and am pretty much regarded by my friends as a walking encyclopedia on pop culture. so don't be too surprised if you find many movie/tv references throughout my blog. if anything, maybe you'll find out something fun to watch to add to your must-see viewing list.

strong females are one of my favorite characters to watch, and in the past few days, one of the movie channels has been replaying the long kiss goodnight. if you've never seen this flick, you don't know what you're missing. the general premise? geena davis plays a school teacher who's had amnesia for the past 8 years of her life. she's married with a daughter, and in an attempt to find out who she was, she hires a private investigator, played by the awesomely talented samuel l. jackson. one day a man tries to kill her (unsuccessfully) and she eventually finds out that she's a highly trained government assassin.

this movie has some of the best quotes, action sequences and duo chemistry that's ever graced a silver screen. and let's just say, once you see geena in action, you'd think twice about crossing her in a back alley. some of her most kick-ass scenes involving breaking a man's nose with a pie pan, falling out a 3rd story window while shooting out the ice in a frozen lake below, ice skating across a pond and taking out a car of 3 hit men, and finally shooting a guy out of a helicopter while hanging by one arm from stringed christmas lights. yes, it's really that good!

oh, and i recently heard that a sequel is in the works with mr. jackson. fingers crossed for a release date soon!

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