Artichoke Anyone?

new york city is known for many things .... fashion, architecture, broadway shows, and of course, pizza! now, if you live in the city, or have ever been to visit, i'm sure you've heard many people rave about nyc style pizza: wide, flat, cheesy slices. i'll take a piece pretty much any day of the week, but in my opinion, the secret pizza gem of the city is actually found at a chain called artichoke basille's pizza. if you ask anyone about this eatery, they'll probably recommend an artichoke slice, which can be found at any of their locations. but the real dish you should dig into is the vodka sicilian!

found only at their chelsea location, this pie is what pizza dreams are made of (and strangely enough, i can't even locate it on their web site, so ordering this pizza makes me feel like i'm in-the-know about a secret menu). my boyfriend Z and i traveled over there last night and thoroughly indulged. made with their signature cream sauce and twice baked, the slices are not only delicious on-site, but you can freeze and reheat and they'll taste like they just came out of the oven.

would love to know your favorite pizzerias. send them my way! and let me know if they have any fun decor items. artichoke's bar has a leg lamp! (made popular by one of my fave holiday movies a christmas story).

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