kendralerts 9.12.16

photo credit: sweet martha's

1. glitter cat is my new spirit animal

2. a video of elizabeth taylor doing her make-up is fascinating

3. will smith, helen mirren and keira knightley are starring in a movie together. can't wait to watch this one!

4. vegan chef chloe coscarelli of the popular fast-casual chain by chloe share what she eats in a week

5. this woman makes $3 million in 12 days selling chocolate chip cookies at a fair

6. this popular fan theory about the movie "grease" now has me questioning everything

7. never knew that bagpipes could sound so good with a jazz band

8. actress sarah michelle gellar talks about starting her food business foodstirs

9. there's a 10-ton ice cube melting in seattle's occidental park

10. why it's expensive to be poor

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