kendralerts 9.7.16

credit: instagram/ maddie ziegler

1. sia released her latest video as an homage to the orlando victims

2. olympic gymnast laurie hernandez shows off her amazing pitching skills

3. california has the country's first punk rock cafe called rad coffee

4. cosmo's editor-in-chief (and jack-of-all-trades) joanna coles takes on larger role at hearst

5. a crazy cat video from the 70s you have to see to believe

6. how the "drybar bill" could change your salon drinking experience h

7. j.k. rowling reveals the metaphor behind lupin's werewolf condition

8. an 18 million year old rock formation in oregon was destroyed by vandals and it was caught on camera /

9. the world's longest glass bridge in china closed down after just 16 days because of too many tourists

10. everyone's buzzing about apple's event on wednesday to announce the iphone 7's features

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