Pony Up!

last weekend i decided to explore some new parts of the upper east side. i've lived in the area for almost 4 years, and couldn't believe some of the new discoveries i found. on saturday, we headed to the far east side, starbucks beverages in hand, to a park we recently heard about that ran along fdr drive.

we entered the carl shultz park in the low 90s, and found beautiful sculptures and archways. we had to head further uptown, so we exited out near the mid 90s, but i'm told the park goes down to about 84th street, so i'll be making may way over again soon to see more. this place will be a frequent visiting spot for me. compared to central park where there's so many people and so much commotion, this small park was quiet, there were plenty of free benches, and you could also get fantastic views of the east river. i can't wait for it to get warmer so i can grab a spot on the bench, with a tasty drink and a good book, and just escape into my own private secret garden (by the way, this is one of my favorite books of all time!)

after leaving the park, we stopped by a delicatessen called the vinegar factory. amazing! this place had a huge array of meats, cheeses, homemade soups, sandwiches and more. we didn't make any purchases that day, but i'll definitely let you know how the food is once we try it.

then on sunday, we came across a bar called the pony. they regularly change their beer selection, which is displayed on a digital board. plus, we found out that every beer is $6 - what a deal! i tried a raspberry cider, which i'll definitely order again on my next visit. and we loved how they used growlers to decorate the lights above the bar! all in all, it was a great weekend of exploring. can't wait to see what other gems i came across in my neighborhood.

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