Time to Quit Your Day Job!

sorry i've been mia. i was traveling the past two weeks, and working remotely. i have tons to share over the next few weeks, but first, check out some pics below of my recent adventures. i was in 2 major european cities. any guesses as to where i had been?

on that note, i can truly say that a major benefit of working for yourself is that you can travel when you want, where you want, and for however long you want. if i had wanted to take two weeks off from my job to travel, that would pretty much take up all of my vacation time for the year. being an entrepreneur, and only needing my cell phone and laptop to work, is a major blessing. and i'm not the only one praising self-employment.

a huffington post blogger recently wrote about the 10 reasons you should quit your job this year. and i really couldn't agree with him more on his reasoning. overall, his list includes the following:

1. the middle class is dead

2. you've been replaced

3. corporations don't like you

4. money is not happiness

5. count right now how many people can make a major decision that can ruin your life

6. is your job satisfying your needs?

7. your retirement plan is for shit

8. excuses

9. it's ok to take baby steps

10. abundance will never come from your job

i'd love to know if anyone plans to take the leap this year. i'm always looking for entrepreneurs to connect with!

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