Veruca Salt 2.0

in case you missed it last year, a young woman had dreams of going to college at the university of texas. unfortunately, she experienced the downside to the college application process that so many others have gone through as well ... she didn't get accepted.

sure, it's devastating to not get into your dream school, but she took it one step further and claimed that the only reason she didn't get in was because of her race. she's caucasian, and in her mind, her rightful seat had been given away to a minority to fill the school's racial quota.

it's an interesting argument, and one we should expect to hear from more and more from today's young generation - a group of people who have grown up feeling so entitled to everything that they don't have the mindset of earning what they get, but feel they deserve anything they want. these are the same people who are leaving college and expecting to skip over assistant positions with the offer of a six-figure salary. it's truly a sad situation.

it never crossed this young woman's mind that maybe, despite her best efforts and her great grades and diverse range of extracurriculars, there are thousands, nay millions, of others with the same qualifications. competition is stiff, and just because you think you've done everything right doesn't mean that society should bow to your every whim.

can you just imagine the fuss she'll put up when she's applying for jobs? what next, she'll sue that she was the best candidate and yet passed over again so that a company can fill its "insert what you please" quota? this woman is in for a really rough ride if she doesn't soon figure out that nothing is owed to her. sorry chica, not even veruca salt got her golden egg.

ultimately, her case is on a crash course for failure on the grounds that - shocker - she wasn't denied admission because of her race. for a woman who felt she was top-notch candidate, she didn't even graduate in the top 10% of her class, so where exactly her entitlement comes from is a mystery to me.

you can read more about this news story and current updates in this atlantic wire piece.

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