To Solo-Work or Co-Work

it's been a crazy week! i just moved apartments in my building. it's an exciting development as i'd been living on the 4th floor of a walk-up in a two-room studio with Z. so this last tuesday, we moved to the 2nd floor into an actual one bedroom (in nyc, this is a major milestone!).

we've spent the past few days getting the new place together, and it's coming along quite nicely. i can't wait to show pics once we have it all together, but below is a sneak peek of a new added feature - a home bar!

moving into this new apartment is also a major step because Z and i are both self-employed and spend a lot of time working at home. we were never quite able to set up a work space, and now with the new place, we can fit both a desk in the bedroom and will eventually get a table for both dining and work.

working from home is great. sometimes i just stay in my pajamas, i can whip up breakfast or lunch, or not even worry about going outside when the weather's bad. but it does have its disadvantages, which Z and i talked about recently in the new york post.

last fall, i started using a free service called loosecubes. they coordinated free co-working space for you with offices around the city. you'd just log into your account, select an office, the day you'd want to work there and voila, you'd have a cubicle - and sometimes even an office - for the day.

unfortunately loosecubes shut its doors before the end of the year, and i've either been working from home or a local coffeeshop since. there are times it'd be great to work from an office. you get to meet fellow entrepreneurs (i've even made new connections from such interactions) and you can immediately feel the energy of others who are working to make their business dreams come true. if you've ever wanted to know more about co-working, there was an interesting piece by the new york times in sunday's "style" section. it gives a nice overview of what you can expect and several co-working spaces nationwide.

have any of you ever done co-working, or thinking you may rent desk space this year? i'm hoping to acquire co-working space in the next few months, and will let you know once i do and where!

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