Must or Lust

i'm going to start a few new series on this blog, so you have something to look forward to on a regular basis. the first ongoing series will by my own version of "save or splurge." when i come across great items, i'll share affordable and pricey options. so let's get started!

i recently met up with an old friend, and i couldn't stop staring at the gorgeous gold knuckle rings she was wearing. as soon as i got home, i started looking for my own set, and eventually found myself on an etsy site. i purchased a set of 8 rings (including an infinity ring, score!). they just arrived in the mail this week and i am super stoked to wear them around this memorial day weekend.

but for those looking for something more high-end, look no further than catbird's threadbare rings. they're super thin and glamorous, with a devoted fan base.

a summer filled with tiny gold rings all aglow is just what i need. don't be surprised if you spot me wearing them practically every day. after all, they'll pretty much go with anything!

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