Getting Some Mojo

i hope you all had a great memorial day weekend! here in nyc, it started off with horribly cold, grey, rainy weather. but monday was a sunny and glorious 72 degrees. Z and i decided to pack a picnic and head to central park for some much-needed sun and relaxation. definitely a wonderful way to kick start the week as i recently mentioned that i was struggling to find motivation, but i'm finally getting out of my funk.

on saturday, i caught up with my friend who recently launched a roasted chickpea business. i love when we can get together and offer each other tips and solutions and just bounce ideas off each other. our get-together was just what i needed to remind me of what i can still achieve if i just buckle down and re-focus.

and that's exactly what i'm doing. in fact, i'm going to an event this wednesday sponsored by glamour magazine at the 92Y called "secrets of start-up queens." the panel is moderated by glamour editor cindi leive and features iman, dylan lauren, coco rocha and more. tickets are still on sale if you're interested, check it out!

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