Hitting the Wall

motivation. it can be a challenge, especially when you're self-employed and deeming yourself to be an entrepreneur. when you work alone, you are responsible for your accounts. for your daily pay. for doing all the work, whether it's creative and brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas for clients, or administrative and having to file paperwork, draft contracts and pay taxes. but don't get me wrong, there are certainly perks to working for myself. i can determine my own hours. have lunch dates with friends. but this all comes at a compromise. some days, i might start work at 9am and wrap by 3pm only to put in a few more hours later in the night. but after taking this leap of no longer being in the corporate world, i can't imagine myself going back. to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a hustler (or according to beyonce ladies, a diva!). i haven't worked for a company in more than a year, and while it's been challenging at times, it's been extremely fulfilling knowing i'm making my own way.

but back to that word, motivation. i've been lacking it for several weeks lately. i can't explain why i've hit this slump, but i've been looking for a catalyst to re-ignite my fire. i mostly find a way to get over the hump by watching entrepreneur stories on bloomberg tv, or watching an episode of shark tank on abc. and since i got my first nyc library card, i've been borrowing tons of books, and one of my current reads is "the brand within" by daymond john (oh yeah, he's an investor on shark tank, one of my favorite shows!).

plus with the recent move, i've been extremely distracted, but i feel like i'm finally getting back on track. and another project i had to put on the side that i need to move back to the top of my list is my drinkware line. i was lucky enough to get some pro bono advice from a legal team, and as i needed some updates from them before i could proceed, i was distracted for a few weeks with work, travel planning and apartment hunting. i'm seeking out the motivation, and writing this blog is also helping. i want to share my experiences, and let you know that you may not wake up every day singing and skipping along just because you're calling the shots.

we would all be so lucky to have a job that we love (or as many of us have heard, a job you'd love so much, you'd do it for free!). i'm hoping that my drinkware will help me achieve that goal, and sure, i can continue putting it off more, but then i remember that the sooner i work to achieve my goals, the sooner i can actually obtain them and really start living the life i've always envisioned for myself.

are you living the life you want? if not, are you doing anything to change that? it's never too late to change your fate!

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