i'm so excited about today. it's the second time i'm co-working with friends, and we'll be on the lower east side this time round. it's so refreshing to work along side other entrepreneurs who you can brainstorm with and who help keep you motivated. some of those featured in this crew include the founders of guesterly and pulse roasted chickpeas (if you haven't heard of them yet, it's only a matter of time until you do).

i'm really wanting to take advantage of my fellow co-workers today as i've been presented with a fantastic opportunity to get advice from one of my top picks for mentors (hint: she's based in chicago, got married this year and just recently became a mother). after speaking with her team, my next step is to prep a business plan that i can present for her review, which will hopefully lead to getting advice that will make me the next sara blakely (but for drinkware instead of hoisery).

i've had mentors before, but this woman in my eyes is a super big deal. i really feel like with her help, i could go beyond levels i thought was possible. so i have a question for you kandids. who's your #1 mentor you'd like to get advice from, and if you could, what would you ask them? or if you've gotten advice from a top mentor, what was the best piece of advice they gave you? please share in the comments below or email me at!

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  1. i feel like i have a whole collection of mentors in the Operation E group...but, one person that i have really looked up to in the blogging world is Jen from i Heart Organizing. She just seems so real and is able to make a living doing what she loves while being at home with her family. Plus, she's a mid-westerner like me. i think i would just ask her for advice as someone starting out and what she wished she had known back then.


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