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have any of you been watching "bethenny"? i'm loving that she's featuring entrepreneurs on her show weekly, giving them exposure and offering advice so they can take their business to the next level. and in some cases, she's making business dreams come true. on her halloween episode, she needed candy jewelry for her costume. the task was left to an assistant in the wardrobe department. bethenny loved her items so much that she called the ceo of it's sugar and they're planning to sell and distribute her candy jewelry line. amazing!

in her quest to help other entrepreneurs, bethenny recently launched a contest where the grand prize winner will receive $20,000 to fund their business idea. it's a long shot, but i've decided to submit an entry about my drinkware. surprisingly, they'll be choosing a winner within a week after the contest closes this month.

i've been needing some motivation to work on my drinkware line, and this is just what i needed. even if my idea isn't selected, just knowing that i'm pitching the idea is enough to put a much-needed fire under me. i'm really exited to start working on my product idea again, will let you know who ultimately ends up with the grand prize. wish me luck!

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