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woohoo, it's Friday! So let's get right to business. I've gathered some awesome links from around the web to make your day even better. So sit back, click around, and enjoy!

brooklyn's debuting a ramen noodle burger this weekend!

check out the trailer for the tv movie "crazy sexy cool" about girl group tlc

starting tomorrow, NYC will shut down a park avenue tunnel to traffic and make it an interactive art show!

this cali couple was born on the same day, married for 75 years and died on day apart. what a love story!

loving the cup of jo's series about american mothers raising their children in other countries

now this is how you eat oreos!

jay-z was right, he does have 99 problems. see what they are!

read about stephen king's trick with his kids growing up that got them into the literary business

this woman went from building homes to baking biscottis - and made a business from it!

the 10 worst people at supermarket

animals twerking, nuff said

what your food cravings really mean

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