Motivation Monday

how was everyone's weekend? mine was extremely low-key. it started with a bbq in brooklyn, catching up on some sleep and hanging with friends. it was just the right mix of feeling productive without feeling like i was a total bum. i especially wanted to have some downtime as work is really picking back up again, and a challenge i have working for myself is trying not to spend every minute of my time working. i have to remember that it's important to have some downtime, and not over exert myself. and more than anything, make sure i'm not feeling guilty 24/7 for not working 24/7. in my case, since i don't have any employees, it's a scenario where if i don't do the work, then it doesn't get done. it's a fine line to walk when you're carrying your whole business on your shoulders.

so on weekends, unless the work or emails are extremely urgent, i make an effort to handle what needs to get done on monday. because honestly, in most cases, it can wait until monday. since launching my pr agency in early 2012, there have only been a handful of cases when something needed to be handled asap on the weekend. and so now that it's monday, it's time to hunker down because it's looking like a really busy week. hope you all make your weekly goals, whether it's securing new business, having a kick-ass client meeting, asking (and securing) a raise or even move forward with your own dreams of entrepreneurism. happy monday!

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