Matchmaker Cafe

i've lived in nyc for 8 years, and i'm not surprised by much in this city. but it still happens from time to time. the latest interesting foray gracing the city landscape is a little pop-up shop in the financial district called the matchmaker cafe.

the premise: you go to their pop-up cafe where you not only get a tasty beverage, and then they'll also take your photo, upload to their iPad and then find you other singles to be matched up with. the cafe's goal is to get people offline (and by the way, this topic is a story i secured with earlier this year called "the lost art of offline dating.") and face-to-face. so far, they've had 5,000 people sign up. sounds like a lot of singles in manhattan are looking for love!

would you ever try finding love through a matchmaking cafe? what are some other interesting ways you've tried to find love? comment below or shoot me an email at!

image credit: glamour

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