kendralerts 8.15.16

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1. these mini polenta pizzas would make for the perfect brunch addition

2. what olympic gold gymnast simone biles eats before and after competing

3. this household item will make your nails brighter

4. these chefs are using surplus food from the olympics to feed rio's impoverished

5. new york just signed a bill that will guarantee moms a private space to breastfeed or pump in public places

6. 15 ways to get rid of negative energy from your home

7. dishes all adults should know how to make

8. how the media would write about men the way they write about female athletes at the olympics

9. no make-up celeb selfies that will make you appreciate your freckles, dimples and more

10. this 100-year-old grandma gives her 5 tips on how to live your best life

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