kendralerts 8.4.16

1. a woman photographed 500 naked men to normalize the nude male body. we can consider that one more step toward equality

2. according to a recent report, reading can lead to a longer life. time to dust off that library card.

3. this cake made with white wine sounds (and looks) to die for!

4. a 17 year old in pennsylvania likes to videotape his hangouts with his best friend - a deer named money. they're giving us #bff goals.

5. kim kardashian had an unaired cameo on the reality show the hills, finally revealed last night during mtv's anniversary special

6. white house photographer pete souza has taken more than 2 million images of president barack obama - here's a collection of some of the highlights (#42 is good for laughs!)

7. if you work in massachusetts, employers can no longer ask about your salary history, a momentous move to close the wage gap

8. eggs: we've fried them, scrambled them, boiled them. and now it's time to steam them. here are a few quick and easy tips to add them to your dishes

9. it's always a good idea to have a refresher on table manners

10. check out these vintage photos of first class airplane food from a norway-based airline. lobster! caviar! piles and piles of fruit!

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