kendralerts: tuesday 8.2.16

1. video: vanessa carlton's popular song "a thousand miles" is proving to have lasting power. anyone remember the movie white chicks? well, the u.s. men's olympic basketball team decided to give it a go. these men sure do know how to serenade.

2. who exactly decides which new emojis to introduce to our lexicon? 63-year-old mark davis explains the process and his team's efforts to include more diversity for users.

3. oprah is back with a new book club pick, the underground railroad by colson whitehead. oprah herself said the book "kept me up at night, had my heart in my throat, afraid to turn the next page."

4. when sesame street, recently acquired by hbo, fired 3 longtime cast members, fans took to social media to share their heartbreak and frustration. well, it appears the powers-who-be have heard their plea and are reconsidering.

5. taylor swift and justin beiber have never really been on good terms, but his latest instagram post proves once and for all that he's team kimye

6. instagram launched "instagram stories" on Tuesday, letting you choose which photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours

7. video: in case you missed it in february, funny or die released an autobiographical parody movie about donald trump starring johnny depp (yes, for real!). well, you're in luck because the film is now streaming on netflix.

8. video: in an effort to build better relations with its community, a police department in virginia pulled over drivers and told them it was against the law to drive on a hot day - without an ice cream cone! one driver had a fantastic reaction.

9. video: who knew it was so easy to make avocado rose toast. bonus: makes a beautiful presentation as well.

10. video: i think we've all had one of those days when the gym equipment just doesn't want to cooperate

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