kendralerts 8.9.16

1. a fascinating and in-depth video tour about slavery at the whitney plantation in louisiana. so much history here, adding to my list of places to visit.

2. fun video of a guy doing splits all around the world

3. check out this theme park ride that drops you 100 feet in a free fall

4. president barack obama listened to this eminem song to pump himself up for the dnc - curious to know what hillary listens to before her big speeches.

5. snoop dogg and martha stewart are joining forces for a new entertainment/cooking show - sounds like a partnership made in half-baked heaven

6. this job is being called the easiest one to have at the olympics swimming pool

7. women continue to be charged more for items than men, despite the continuing wage gap. in fact, it starts at birth as girls toys cost more than those for boys.

8. this guy spent $18k on a contest and is now a multimillionaire in less than 2 years' time

9. check out a week's worth of vegan lunches you can make just by spending $15 at trader joe's

10. the dirty truth millennials don't want anyone to know - they're poor

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