kendralerts 8.6.16

1. it's that time of year again - the olympic kittens are about to compete in the summer games. get ready for a cuteness overload.

2. during the rio olympics opening ceremony, supermodel gisele walked the longest runway. ever.

3. why you shouldn't have more than 2 drinks at a party

4. a prince tribute concert is set to take place oct. 13th. start saving for your tickets now!

5. traveling with small children? here's why you should consider giving your neighbors goody bags during the trip

6. people are trying to wrap their head around the news that flossing doesn't work

7. a woman raised money to send her uber driver to the rio olympics so he could watch his son compete

8. this self-help guru only owns 15 things

9. if you can't get enough lobster, here ares some great recipes to try

10. some great tips on how to elevate your photo for a richer, deeper image

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