kendralerts: 8.5.16

1. this guy known as the "fitness marshall" will be your new favorite dance workout instructor

2. a mentor tells a young boy "it's ok to cry. we cry as men." thinking he should add life coach to his resume.

3. hilarious tricks to appear smarter through email

4. this 79-year-old virgin is getting married for the first time

5. a netflix glitch caused aziz ansari subtitles to narrate an episode of bbc's planet earth. the results are hilarious!

6. in chicago, shelters are offering unadoptable feral cats to warehouses and neighborhoods in need of rat control, and it's turning into a win-win for everyone

7. someone combined donald trump photos with 30 rock quotes from jenna maloney. pure magic.

8. barack obama wrote a column for glamour magazine about what it means to be a feminist. this is a must read!

9. a stray dog joined a 155-mile race ... and is on her way to having a new home

10. with the upcoming release of "a wrinkle in time", director ava duvernay becomes the first woman of color to direct a live-action film with a $100 million plus budget. girl power!

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