kendralerts 8.8.16

1. this 17-year-old chef has everyone vying for his $160 10-course meals

2. elon musk's brother is launching an organic, fast-food chain

3. people are venting their frustration after media outlets attribute an olympic swimmer's record-breaking win to her trainer husband

4. successful people are tweeting about the first seven jobs they had during their career journey

5. physical changes that happen to your body when you stop having sex

6. this man had two obituaries in the paper - one from his wife, and another from his girlfriend!

7. magician penn jillette (of penn and teller) explains how he lost 100 pounds eating only potatoes

8. a young boy builds a lego tribute of the los angeles hospital where he's staying

9. thinking ahead to halloween costumes? here's a great mermaid makeup look to try

10. actress and comedian leslie jones's enthusiasm on twitter for the olympics has caught the attention of nbc, and they might send her to rio!

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