kendralerts: monday, 8.1.16

wondering what you may have missed on this monday? well first, it's officially august (not okay, why is summer escaping us so quickly). but there's plenty more to recap, check it out below:

1. when given the choice between who she'd like to hang out with (katy perry or taylor swift), britney spears said taylor - because she's never met her before. but actually, she's met her twice, in 2003 and 2008. no one's quite sure if britney is shading both ladies with the implicated "i don't know her" reference, but she can do what she wants. she's britney, bitch!

2. photos were released from the season 6 set of american horror story, and it's looking like part of the plot may revolve around a real colonial community in which more than 200 townspeople disappeared without a trace. spooky!

3. misty copeland, the first african-american prima ballerina, married her boyfriend (who also happens to be cousins with taye diggs - so you know he's got some good genes!). congrats to the happy couple!

4. video: people still can't get enough of the frosé trend (frozen rosé wine slushie). this video is a great and easy way to make your own at home.

5. today is mtv's 35th birthday - and the 10th anniversary of the hills premiere. the network is showing a special with the one and only lauren conrad tuesday night at 10pm ET.

6. video: this guy was driving his gran around in england when she suddenly heard an unexpected surprise announcement on the radio. check out her reaction, and then call someone you love.

7. they finally announced the remake of splash and it'll star channing tatum - as the mermaid. he can act. he can dance. but does he know how to use a fin? guess we'll find out!

8. the tradition of crowning miss teen america took place over the weekend, and people were not at all thrilled that all five finalists were white, blond with blue eyes (even chrissy tiegen chimed in on twitter about the lack of diversity). and to keep things interesting, the crowned winner from texas is under fire for having used the n-word on social media. she's claimed she's grown and learned, and the pageant board is resolute on letting her keep her crown.

9. video: warren buffet called out presidential republican candidate donald trump about his taxes. between these two men, we definitely know which one truly knows money. we'll be waiting on standby for trump's (aggressive, overly emotional) response.

10. and just in case you missed, harry potter and the cursed child went on sale sunday. and as expected, copies flew off the shelves. looks like j.k. rowling still has the magic touch. but enjoy this read while you can, because she just announced that harry's story is finally done.

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