kendralerts 8.13.16

photo credit: james ronson via food52

1. marvel released the official trailer for its next netflix series "luke cage" - looks like they another hit on their hands!

2. this dress is the most pinned dress on pinterest

3. oreo just unveiled a new and unexpected flavor

4. proof that the camera really does add 10 pounds to your photo

5. this sweet potato pizza crust that you can make at home is a game changer

6. this innovative baby kickstarter project was created to minimize risks associated with sids

7. research says that single people live rich, meaningful lives

8. it took 10 years for this r-rated cg animated movie about a lesbian taco, a Jewish bagel, and an evil literal douche to come to life

9. dreaming about making this delectable grilled cheese this weekend

10. even dogs love a hair makeover - look at these adorable before and afters

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