Joining the Color Run

well, for the first time since starting my blog, i accidentally deleted a scheduled post, grr. so i've had to slightly redraft, and i apologize that it's not as put together as i had before.

i'm not the most athletic person in the world, and by far, i absolutely hate running. so guess what i did? yep, i signed up for a 5k. but not just any 5k. i registered for the color run, taking place in brooklyn in september. i was supposed to participate in the color run last year, but had to cancel last minute. i'm super stoked for it this year though, and even Z is joining. i'll have to start getting myself in shape over the next few weeks as i really don't want to be the last person to cross the finish line.

from what i've seen online, and from my facebook newsfeed, it looks like a lot of people have had a pretty awesome time at the color run, and i feel if i'm gonna do a 5k, this is probably the coolest one to start with, no?

have any of you done the color run? any other 5ks you'd suggest i check out? leave a comment below, or email me at!

image credit: the color run

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  1. The Color Run is something I've always wanted to do and every time I see a blog post on it, I'm always reminded why! It looks so much :)

  2. I'm sure I'll look like a crazy person riding the train afterward, but ... look at all the colors!!


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