Love At Any Age

love is a powerful thing. it seems like everyone's searching for it, but it really is hard to find. especially when you're given extra stress that you need to find love by a certain age. society starts the clock on your countdown in your 20s, and if you haven't found it by your 30s, you're given the impression that anyone you might end up with have been the leftover scraps, because you know, all the good ones have been taken already. but love can come along at any age and at any time. it may not be everlasting love, but it's still love. and it can be nice to hear stories of people finding love later in life to remind us that there's really no clock that counts down to zero.

i read a story on sunday in the wedding sections about the marriage of author joyce maynard (famously known for her relationship at the age of 19 with "the catcher in the rye" author j.d. salinger). i actually worked with joyce a few years back when i was a book publicist. i handled media for the paperback release of her book labor day.

joyce met her husband on two years ago. both previously had marriages and children from those unions. this weekend, they married at the age of 59 (her) and 61 (him). this story is such a great reminder that not only can you not sit around just waiting for love to come your way, but you're never past the point of enjoying such a wonderful experience in life.

congrats to joyce, and to all the romantics out there, never give up.

image credit: new york times

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  1. I read this article over the weekend, and just fell in love with it. Very uplifting. We need more stories like these!


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