The Kind Diet

i've been feeling so sluggish lately. i don't sleep enough, i'm not eating well, i need to exercise more often - the list goes on and on. but i'm realizing that instead of complaining, i really need to make lifestyle changes, and more importantly, i actually need to put them in effect. one of my first changes will be to wake up earlier, and i then want to focus on making healthier food choices.

i remember a few years ago when alicia silverstone released her book the kind diet. there were actually some really good reviews, so last week i decided to borrow a copy from the library to see what the fuss was about. i'm still making my way through it, but overall, i'm pleasantly surprised. the book has definitely been a wake-up call about what i've been eating all of my life, and i plan to start making some small changes starting this week. mainly, i want to start eating more vegetables, fruits and even beans, and starting to limit the amount of meat and dairy products that i consume. i'm willing to give this new eating plan a try for a few weeks to see if i can notice any positive effects.

alicia even lists some of her favorite healthy nyc restaurants on her site, so i can't wait to check those out to help me as i give this new plan a test drive. in the book, they also mention signing up for a csa, which provides you with locally grown fruits and vegetables. a friend of mine recently mentioned that she just signed up for one and loves it, so now i'm really intrigued!

have any of you read this book? or do any of you have vegan diets? would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you went from eating meat and dairy to being vegan.

image credit: vegitarian star

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  1. I love this book also. It's helped me a great deal

  2. What have been some of the biggest changes you've noticed following this plan?


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