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i've been working for myself since february 2012. i made the decision to go the entrepreneurial route in december 2011 while working a full-time job at a pr agency that just wasn't the right fit for me. during those few months before i launched hot property pr, i spent countless hours, days and nights talking to friends who had launched their own pr agencies, doing research and contacting potential clients and basically working on 4 hours of sleep a day. i was determined to start my business as soon as possible to change my work environment, and it was really amazing to see how much i was able to get done with only 24 hours in a day.

now i feel like i'm doing the whole process over again by handling pr for my own clients during the day and working on my drinkware during the evenings and weekends. right now i'm getting all my financials figured out to determine how much it'll cost to launch my first collection, which i may possibly fund with a crowdfunding campaign later this year. but there's still some market research i need to do as i work out the kinks with my prototypes, and would love your assistance if you'd take a few minutes to answer the questions below (you can also access at this link). and feel free to leave a comment about your favorite cocktails. some of personal faves include a dark & stormy, manhattans and lemon drop martinis!

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