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"a cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly."

in other words, we're talking about moving pictures, people. moving pictures! you have to check out the site to see what i'm talking about. some of the photos are beautiful and stunning, and others have a bit of an eerie, creepy factor. but they're definitely worth checking out.

here are some other cool links from around the web!

clear nail polish on the inside of your rings gets rid of green stains, and other cool tips!

jay-z performs for 6 hours straight at nyc art gallery

ladies, let adrienne bailon show you how to give yourself a vajacial (aka vajayjay facial)

this prank is so mean, but so funny!

i'm not the only fan of lauren conrad and her ever-growing empire

all i need to find is a silver sequined jacket and this will be my go-to date night look

the secret garden is one my favorite books, and this couple incorporated the theme perfectly into their wedding

a model who doesn't condone young girls modeling and became a TED talk sensation

this woman taught herself to dance in 365 days

check out the trailer for the upcoming elizabeth taylor tv movie featuring helena bonham carter

image credit: cinemagraphs

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