rain room

this past weekend, sunday was all about catching up on work, prepping some blog posts for this week, and just taking it easy after an exhausting saturday. i got up super early and went to check out moma's latest exhibit, the rain room. people have been raving about this installation where motion detection sensors prevent you from getting rained on while water falls all around you. even the creator of cronuts took one of his highly-coveted pastries there.

this was the last weekend before the exhibit closed for good, so i just had to see what the buzz was about. unfortunately, so did every other new yorker around. i got in line at 7am, and there were plenty of people with the same idea. after several hours of people dropping off, getting sunburned shoulders and basically feeling like i was in an episode of survivor, i made it inside.

and yes indeed, it was an amazing exhibit! they allow 10 people under the rain at a time, and in my group, we definitely had a diva. i had bonded with 6 other women in line during our lengthy wait, and we wanted to do a group shot. well, the diva jumped right in front and struck a pose. check her out in all white below.

what are some cool exhibits going on in your city? list them below or send me an email at kandidkendra@gmail.com!

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  1. Oh wow, you are braver than me! I had been wanting to go see this since it opened, but was deterred by the insane wait times! Good for you for sticking it out - it seems really cool!

  2. The girls I met in line, we called ourselves the Rain Room survivors. We've exchanged numbers, photos from the day, and plan to keep each other posted about other outrageous wait lines when we need company, haha! It was really cool though, glad I got to check it out.

  3. Awesome poses in the rain ;) I only got to preview it because the time I went, the wait was 12 hours!

  4. Thanks Hanna! I wish I had gone earlier in the summer when the lines weren't so crazy. It was not easy waiting out there!

  5. i've been wanting to check that out! i walked by the moma a few weeks ago and saw the line, though...yikes! you're brave!

  6. I definitely learned I need to check out exhibits when they first open. I also went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit when it was here and had crazy lines too.


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