Work/Life Balance for Moms

it's really unbelievable that in 2013 we're still debating whether a woman, especially a mother, can have it all. the truth is that not every woman wants the same things, and that's ok. just because one chooses to stay home doesn't mean that she lacks ambition in life. if a woman wants a career, it doesn't mean she devalues family time. and if a woman decides that motherhood isn't for her, nothing is wrong with her! everyone makes choices that are best for them, and at the end of the day, if you don't agree with how someone is living their life, guess what? it's their life! live yours the way you want to, and as long as your choices make you happy, that's what's really important.

i personally have found that my desires as a female have changed quite a bit over the years. at 25, i really felt impartial to marriage and kids. i always thought, if it happens, great. if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. i have several generational female family members who have had no kids, or have been single moms or have never been married. and seeing how they lived life and found ways to be joyful made me think, everything happens for a reason, and that's ok.

but by the time i was about 28 or 29, i started to feel differently. i thought, hmm, maybe i do want to get married. and despite being absolutely terrified by child birth, i'd like to have a kid (or two, which will depend on how hard it was pushing out the first one). now that i've entered my 30s (where has the freakin' time gone?!), i feel more strongly than ever that i really want these things. and that's why being an entrepreneur has been an even more influential factor in my life than i thought was possible. don't get me wrong, it's not always easy. but i have a vision for my future, and the most important element i'm working toward is flexibility.

how do i see my life 10 years from now? if i don't feel like working one day, i can take off. if i want to go to my kids' soccer game at 2pm on a tuesday, i can do it and not have to ask for anyone's permission. should i want to travel the world for a few months, i can grab my laptop, cell phone, a plane ticket and be on my way.

i'm really hoping more women in the near future can find the life/work balance they desire, especially as the debate still rages on. just recently ran a piece about moms mudslinging each other and the new york times had a piece about women requesting more options to work from home.

i'm still figuring out this working-for-yourself gig day by day. but i'm confident i'll figure it out - at least, figure out what's right for me.

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